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chassis set up?

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Hi, I´m new to the forum, and I´d like to have some advice to set up a brass 1/28 chassis with a 16D type motor.
I live in Argentina and 1/28 is a common scale here (we race 1/24 and 1/32 too), perhaps you are not too familiar with 1/28 since I couldn´t find anything on the net about these...

What I´d like to know is about the front end of the car (guide, front axle, track clearance, etc), to make it tighter or looser. The track I´m going to race at is a fast one with generally wide turns.

If you are not familiar with 1/28, perhaps your experience from 1/24 might help too...

So, any help??

Thnx a lot!!!
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Julian Racer

I have seen the 1/28th cars...... I built a Ferrari F1 in that scale a number of years ago.....
As for the chassis what kind of car is it going under?? do you want inline, anglewider or what??

as for the front end set up I race mostly 1/32 and I have all my wheels touching the track..... the key to this is setting up and spacing the guide, so you hav good contact around the track... I find that the front tires touching the track helps.. But I don most racing on a smaller routed track...
I have just started in 1/24 and they set them up with the wheels not touching... But they are not trying to use big heavy hard plastic bodies....

You can really go both ways with one build.... set the chassis up to have the wheels touching and then add spacers under the guide to get the tires up off the track. see what works better for you.....

But the important thing is to set you wheels up to turn independently of each other. independent front wheels are always the way to go...

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