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a section of my track looks like this. its only a tempory track on my uni room floor, but it will be up for the next 10 weeks or so. im having trouble with supporting the track, at present im using 4 of the cardbord rms branded bridge things (one constructed, the others flat like walls), the little grey supports, and even the polystyrene boxes u get slot cars in in sets, and now 2 display boxes and 2 rulers to reach across the overpass bit over the straite. i am planning on making some supports to hold the bridge up. the yellow dots would be posts, with a cross bar (like a goal) to support the track. the problem i can see is that the posts may fall over. does anyone have any itea for: firstly what to make them out of (i was thinking balsa wood or something) and secondly, how to hold them upright?

Thanks for your help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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