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Check in!

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Afternoon all! Just wondering how you're all doing? We're keeping busy trying to move.... Still!!! 😂 But we are managing to keep entertained in a variety of ways!

Hope you're all well anyway, and does anyone know if Tim got home / got deported? 😂 Not sure if a quick dose of coronavirus wouldn't straighten him out a bit!

Maybe this time away will at least allow Trigger to grow his hair back at least!
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Don't know if Tim is still in NZ or not.

I did see a bit on the news the other day where an ex-MP was whinging about the British Government not doing enough to get him and his family home form there.

So I guess if he couldn't get back, Tim might not either.

But then we are talking about a bloke who broke down in his car, contacted the wrong breakdown service, and still got recovered home by them!
Hi All

we are all OK here so far.

Milly worried that her new job with the police might cause her to bring C19 into the house, she found herself somewhere else to live for the duration a fortnight ago.

Pat managed to persuade school that she could work effectively from home. I originally decided to keep gardening on an essential basis, just mow n go for any clients that were happy with that.

However, that still made me the weak point of our household, and already thinking that BREAK THE CHAIN was the way to go, I decided to stop going out a fortnight ago. Since then Milly has been dumping our shopping on the drive, we did a couple of short walks but haven't been out since. If you don't get it - you can't pass it on.

My sister in Spain says the lock-down - is just that. Her husband drives alone to the village twice a week for supplies and post. More than one in a car is banned and he has already been stopped twice in three weeks by the police. Fines are in the hundreds of euros and thousands of people have been locked up. After three weeks of these heavy measures Spanish deaths are just starting to level off.

Done a bit to our garden but also much sitting in the sun, pondering the merits of a lack of road/aircraft and enjoying the bird song. Till now we have been much luckier than many.

We have some friends that should have been back from Australia a couple of weeks ago, they think they have finally found a flight on Wednesday. Perhaps Tim is in a similar scenario?

Keep in touch and stay safe, - not so free, 3Willy.....
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I'm still working, but it's so quiet travelling around its quite eerie. People on Hayling are largely playing the game, very quiet everywhere. Work are 3d printing facemasks for the NHS, and I've volunteered as an NHS community responder. I did speak to Tony the other day, and he said he's been up the unit, making it good, so should be interesting when we get back racing!
I wonder how the current situation will affect Luke.

Does he have to make the effort to return home?

I think he would be better off staying in Oz, as he is setup for a long stay.
Our friends have just got back from Sydney after their booked flight for 3 weeks ago was cancelled.

I agree with Jim about Luke, although he may be under some obligation to return because of home office advice, I actually don't know what the legal situation is, but for now, if I was Luke and I had a choice I would stay put.


PETER - Thanks to your tip about DuoLingo both Pat and I are spending much time trying, with some success, to learn Spanish. And so:

Estoy bien. Mi esposa y yo hablamos un poco de español.

¿cómo estás?

Keep safe everybody...
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Muy bueno, Will.

Yo gusto mucho.

Had a message from Tim today. The poor soul is stuck in the beachfront holiday cottage where he has been staying in NZ. He's done a deal with the owner to stay until they can get flights back.
Typical Tim, despite himself, he seems to come out on top. I bet that blinkin beach is smothered in weather girls.

I'm looking forward to his safe return and the accompanying story.
He'll probably get arrested for harassing weather girls! 😂
Just found a huge box of Scalextric track at home! So we're going to have a go at recreating Brands Hatch indy this morning!

Pictures - or it didn't happen!
How do I put pictures on here?

BMW drivers.

Use the More Reply Options box, then select Add Attachment and you can select something from your device.

When you've added all that you want and filled in the talking bit, then hit post.
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Can't do it from my phone, I have WhatsApped the pictures to free Willy, and he's going to have a go! The proportions on clearways was a bit off, but we had some good racing! Somewhat unsurprisingly, a BMW won!
Hopefully Wes's pictures should appear here:




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A bevy of BMW'S!! Well done Willy
Well done Willy, a bevy of BMW'S!!
Jim, I can't get the upload for pictures to work from my PC.

When I click on "More Reply Options" The edit box reloads , it shows a preview of the post so far, but no option to attach anything (no paper clip, just the same text input box.)

I needed to put the pics online then provide the URL for each one using the "image" button.

I am Windoz 10 pro 64, Opera browser, with full anti pop up and adverts deployed (never less).

A bit of a palaver, and now I come to look at the pics, there are basically a bunch of BMWs
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Not a Honda in sight! ( because they have overheated their brakes and gone on the dirt) heaven! 😂
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