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Check in!

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Afternoon all! Just wondering how you're all doing? We're keeping busy trying to move.... Still!!! 😂 But we are managing to keep entertained in a variety of ways!

Hope you're all well anyway, and does anyone know if Tim got home / got deported? 😂 Not sure if a quick dose of coronavirus wouldn't straighten him out a bit!

Maybe this time away will at least allow Trigger to grow his hair back at least!
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Not a Honda in sight! ( because they have overheated their brakes and gone on the dirt) heaven! 馃槀
To can play that game matey......

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Eurgh! It burns my eyes! 馃槀
A BMW is bound to win if there are no other makes running.

Hollow victory!

Will, did you try after you had composed the post? No, it can't be that - I've just clicked on more reply options at this stage and the Add Attachments & paperclip symbol comes up below the text box.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Like this.

Good this lockdown stuff - I've really been able to crack on!


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As for the best thing to do with BMWs.

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle


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Jealousy is a cruel mistress Jim! 馃槀 What you need is a 1.4 206,that can magically gain 600cc's when needed!! 馃槀 Or a broomstick!
How are we all this week? If you have Netflix I can recommend Uppity, a film about a driver who raced in NASCAR, Transam and all other sorts! Well worth a look. Hope you are all well, and hope we'll be back racing soon!
I was swapping box set recommendations with Trigger the other day. He mentioned a series on Netflix called Unbelievable, I believe it was.

Sheila and I have been doing the mainstream channel box sets that we didn't see when they were the hot thing. Luther for one, and we've nearly finished Lucky Man. Third series seems to have gone a bit OTT though. One we saw on Sky was Manifest, and I have seen today that Season 2 is now available, so as soon as we've done with Lucky Man, we'll be back to that.

Another good comedy series by Sky that returns for a second series next month is Brassic. Well worth a look!

In other news, I have been working on PUF today, seats out, brakes freed off, booked in to the welder next week.
Be good to see Puf back out and about Jim!!! Doing the brake lines on the red peril next week as well!
We watched The Crown on Netflicks, it was rather too slow for my liking, an awful lot of aimless staring out of windows and endless walking up and down grand stair cases and massive corridors.Nice selection of old cars and aircraft, nice to catch up with a VC10 again.

With the new series of Killing Eve just starting we decided to watch it all again from the beginning (BBC I-Player), Somehow it is even better second time around, beautifully filmed and acted, we had forgotten some of the twists and turns. Probably because we knew the gory bits coming up, we picked up more of the humour. We planned was to watch one episode a night, that worked for a couple of nights, but last night we gave in and watched four.
I've been enjoying the reruns of some mothers do 'Ave em!! Say what you like, but it's still bloody funny!!! 馃槀
Scalextric are running a competition for the dustiest set on their twitter account at the moment. 拢500 worth of goodies. And I know just the man! Jim "ebola" Moyes step forward! Your time is nigh!!!
Killing Eve is a great watch Will, so glad it's back. Jodie Comer is some actress.

But we still didn't get to the bottom of why you couldn't add attachments.

Can you add a screenshot of the textbox (more importantly just below it), when you click More Reply Options.
Jim, this should be the screen as I see it after I have clicked more options.

Pics on SlotForum have always an issue for me going back at least 10 years. I have always had to place them elsewhere online to get an URL (I don't use any "picture" sites to store or display pictures)..

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It's not very cl;ear ! let me know if that isn't good enough.
No, that shows me clearly enough that you haven't got the Add Attachment option. I'll look into what has happened.

10 years ago you would have had to host the images elsewhere, but 3 or 4 years ago (maybe less) we allowed direct hosting on the site. I don't remember if a setting had to be changed by the user, I'll see if I can find anything out.
I've changed one setting in your profile to the same as mine, let's see if that helps.

Wes, can you see the Add Attachment options when you click More Reply Options?
Hi Jim

I have tried logging out and then in again in Opera browser.

Also in Chrome browser.

In either browser the result is the same, after clicking more options in the blue bar under the posting box it says -

Add Reply Preview Post or Cancel

There is no option to upload image.
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This is in Bing Browser, I still have no upload image button.
No I can't see it Jim!
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