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Check in!

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Afternoon all! Just wondering how you're all doing? We're keeping busy trying to move.... Still!!! 😂 But we are managing to keep entertained in a variety of ways!

Hope you're all well anyway, and does anyone know if Tim got home / got deported? 😂 Not sure if a quick dose of coronavirus wouldn't straighten him out a bit!

Maybe this time away will at least allow Trigger to grow his hair back at least!
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I hope the chasing pack managed to get round him OK when he finished the spin

Posted using the Add Attachment button , Peter?
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What "add attachment" button? I used the add image button, copying and pasting the URL..

I like to show the picture to youngsters to show them what real drifting is, steering with the throttle, rather than the ridiculous opposite lock stuff we see today. I blame Top Gear.
The new Dynamo series is a good watch as well. Only 3 episodes, but a cracking watch. And if you have it, on Disney + The Mandalorian is brilliant. Even if you aren't a Star Wars fan per se, it's very good!
Yes, got straight on to the new Dynamo series when it became available - the reaction of the people watching is just great.

Sounds like Tony has been busy at the track, three car loads of crap fly-tipped in Trigger's back garden from under the track - he even found a car that had been launched down the tunnel at the end of the front straight. It was nearly under the grandstand in the corner!
wes of interest where on the island are you, havent been there for a long while but have enjoyed many adventures in an earlier life

My father bought a car from a former beatle there a long time ago.

It was probably a Trigger car anyway!
no sir

from Pete Best at sandy point thought you would have known him
I'm at Eastoke, not a bad spot!
Apart from the residents.
That's what my dad used to say about Poland - lovely country, terrible neighbours.
Any news of Tim yet? Has he offended the locals with his tourettes? Has he attempted to molest a kiwi weather girl? Has he insulted the local slot car community?
Me and family are OK, just wondered how you all are?

For us nothing has changed over the last 9 weeks, although we have started going out for walks.

I have got a yes from Tony to park at the unit in Clanfield, this gives us speedy foot access to woodland and maybe with more energy we will get up on the downs.

I have to say the yard (car park) at MFR looks unusually well looked after, with short grass and no massive weeds, so maybe Tony's promise of upgrading inside might have happened.

All the best to you all - Will.
Yes. I was there today. I picked up the Saxos for some TLC last week and thought I would drop them off today and possibly give them a test. But Tony has been busy sorting a few issues with the track and it was covered in all sorts of everything. So I left them there and took the Golfs. He phoned me later to say he has cleared a couple of lanes for testing, so when I've sorted the Golfs, I can give both lots a try out.
I think we should soon be able to go back to the track, as long as we are only using it to check our eyesight.
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