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hi razstec

is it the mrrc motor with the red can?
if it is have a few problems with them
have bought 4
fantasic speed out of it, but after long usage 2 have given up the ghost what i meen is they still have the speed but seem to have very little braking power, 1 still ok, and the other still in its packaging.
so is there any remedy for this problem?

as for the chetah never used 1


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You wil not have a good time by just dropping a hotter motor into a rtr.

If you do this, you must match the gears to the motor. For instance, most cars are geared 9/27 or so. Putting a Rabbit, Carrera or similar, you will lose all brakes AND need at least 10meters of straight to see the performance gain. However, go to 8/27 and the brakes come in and the acceleration will be nicer.

A cheeta...I recommend something like 8/30

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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