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I just took delivery of a bag of chips (F1) recently and have been chipping a few new cars and I found one of the chips stops working for a bit, then restarts.

It starts off fine but the moment you take your finger off the trigger it won't go anymore... Then, after a short while it's fine again, until to take the power off again.

It swapped it out of the car I had installed it in, in case it was some sort of conflict/motor issue, and put it into my test rig and set it off on my test track. It is a short loop with a potentiometer box for setting the speed instead of a trigger controller, so I can run it like a pace car lap after lap. Set it on its way and it will run lap after lap with not problem...vary the speed up and down and there's no problem...until the speed is set to zero (or possibly something close to zero, I can't be certain about that) then it is completely dead.

Then after a few seconds (sometimes more, sometimes less) it will work again.

If, after stalling, I leave the speed turned up, it will eventually just take off again - but if I take it off the track and put it back it seems to recover a lot quicker.

It's a completely mystery to me and I suspect the answer is a posting to the local scalex office for a replacement one, but I thought I would post this observation in case those who understand such things might benefit from it somehow.

If anyone has any ideas (that won't void my warranty - assuming ICP 3.3 hasn't already done so)
or would like me to test it somehow, happy to oblige.



Ps: I'm running it on my old PB only at the moment, as my APB is on the return for warranty claim path. And the chip was flashed to ICP 3.3, as alluded to above.

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F1 chip is particularily prone to interference from the motor, although this should be improved by ICP. I assume you did not test the chip before writing the ICP code? Do you have the motor ferrite & capacitor properly fitted?

Worth carefully comparing the chip with a good one, beyond that it is a mystery. However I would not expect Hornby to honour a warranty on a reflashed chip.

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