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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere in the forum, but if it has I could not find it.

I am chipping a Slot it McLaren using a Slot it chip and found the instructions a little ambiguous.

There is a capacitor across the motor terminals not mentioned in the instructions. I am unsure whether this implies that I should remove it or not - especially as there is a capacitor on the supplied flying leads.

I imagine that it would work either way but if I make the wrong choice the capacitance will not be as Slot it intended and I'd like to get it right.......


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Hi Dvd8n,

Welcome to the forum .....

Analogue cars tend to have a capacitor fitted across the motor terminals to prevent radio and TV interference. The Slot.It chipset already has a capacitor fitted so that it would OK to remove the existing one. If you look carefully at the new capacitor you should also see a small black ferrite lump, this should always be fitted as this helps to keep the signal clean of unwanted electrical noise coming back from the motor into the chip.

All the best - Greg
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