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Ive had 3 cars bought for me for my birthday (what a nice wife Ive got) but when they turned up I noticed that all of them have the motor in the middle running a drive shaft to the back wheels.

On pair are Fly BMW M3 touring cars and the other is an E21 3 series (dont know the make as it wasnt boxed but was new).

Any help would be great as I want to get these on my newly APB'd track.


Just to add, I have checked the chipping database and couldnt find anything to assist.

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best place to look Chris is in the chipping database as there are many cars now that have been converted.

If they are all in line variants with the motor mounted mid ships it may be possible to mount a saloon chip down the length of the chassis.

Sclaey tvr tuscans were the same layout and from memory the chip was mounted as described above.

If all else fails it will mean using the F1 chip wich is a little more fussy in terms of suppression of noise to the motor.

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Hi Chris,
This is not an easy car to fit a chip to .........

I found the only place to fit an F1 chips was on top of the motor. When I became more confident with moving wiring and components off the PCB, I then used F1 DPR chips and glued then to the side of the chassis.

These cars also have a sizeable capacitor that keeps the lights glowing for a quite a fair amount of time. These have caused me problems and I now rewire the rear lighting board to stop this from happening.

I have looked for a photo of an F1 fitting but I can only find one with an F1 DPR chip.
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The arrow marks the bad-boy capacitor!
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