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Chipping - ferrite man versus OEM stuff

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Apologies in advance to the first person to point me to where this was all discussed at length and ineluctable conclusions reached :)

But...I've been chipping a few cars lately from autoart and revell in particular that have lots of suppression stuff (like 3 of the little brown disks and a couple of tiny ceramic cylinders with stripes on...stop me if I'm getting too technical) soldered accross the motor already. Now, I am a fervent devotee of the words of RichG and others othe need to fit the ferrite man, but I am wondering whether I can remove some of the other clutter to make a bit of space.

In short, my question is this: is the ferrite man still needed or does this other stuff do the Same thing? Assuming FMan stays, can the other stuff go? Or is it not that simple?

Frankly if FMan rules the day I can save a lot of space in some rather tight installations.


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i chipped a revell audi quattro a few years ago and stripped everything out leaving just the motor in and the wiring harness.

Then used a solder in saloon chip wich has it's own capacitor,it ran perfectly using this method.
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