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Copy of Email sent to all on distribution list
Sorry to hijack keith's Email but only way I know to get the distribution list.
Tom and I looking forward to Friday, assume we should bring some nibbles (and Booze?). Just in case Santa doesn't bring loads of toy cars, is anyone interested in mini swapmeet.
usually Monday nights go all too quick, but many of us have cars that have seen better days, are unloved or have just gone out of favour. so perhaps we should bring them to the club and see if they of any use to anyone?
I propose cars should be marked with owner's name and we have bit of space for cars nominally valued at £3, £5 £10, and £20. cars can then be swapped for any car within same value or just sold at that price. we can also just put cars in for sale if you want to offload something bit more special.
Please add to this email if you have any more ideas, objections or happy to go along with it.

Please post if you are interested, object or have any view at all
Have a great Christmas
Steve and Tom
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