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Christmas "nibbles & fun"

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Hi All

Just to remind everyone that next Friday, 16th December, we will be having nibbles and a fun race night. Could those who will be attending please let me know so that I don't buy too much food and end up having to eat it all myself

See you all next Friday

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hi jon
i will bring the pringles
will 1 small pack do?
then if there are some left over you not feel too guilty in eating whats left

Well, looks like just me, Rob, Wibbs and Tony. What a "fun" night that will be
Are there any more

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Sorry cant make the fibbles & nun night,
Have been told I'm going out with on of my main Sponsors (wife)

Have Fun Dave M
Robert here, should be down Fri night, weather and health permitting (Margaret has a cold), I'm hoping it stays away until after tomorrow at least, apologies for not sayimg sooner.

Count me in too.

What are we racing? I thought it was meant to be Rally, I have got a yellow car you can borrow John......

See you tomorrow

I am assuming it is Rally as that is all I am bringing unless someone say otherwise.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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