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Christmas Races and Nibbles

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After a fairly chaotic year Abertawe Slot Car Racers can begin to take a deep breath and look forward to the 2019 season with some optimism and to round off 2018, what better way than a whole load of Christmas nibbles and a fiendishly thought out handicap system, (thanks to Sandra
), with a Run Wot U Brung class. I.e. bring whatever car or cars that you like and Sandra would sort out the handicap!

So.......... the format was something like you can race up to 3 cars, each car would have to have 3 laps in this instance, green lane and Sandra would record the fastest lap of each car raced by each racer. There was to be 3 rounds of racing so a total of 12 races each through the evening. From there, our Sandra would calculate the handicap for each car in each round to produce a final result. Confused? I know I was and still am if you must ask!
In fairness, it all worked out nicely and I must learn to take more notice in future!

OK, the cars campaigned were NSR Mosler and Sideways Lamborghini by Seb, (and very quick he was too!), Alan ran his trusty Reynard to great effect all through the evening. Sandra was ever so brave an ran her (very) much modified Scalextric Caterham with only the shell recognisable as Scalextric and she also ran her NSR Mosler too! Clive raced a NSR Corvette CR6 and an Avant Slot Peugeot 908 while Mike took advantage to run his NSR Porsche 997 because it is our new class for 2019 and he also ran a very quick NSR Renault Clio.

Qualifying went well with Seb setting the pace while the rest of us tried and failed to get close to him. but the times were as follows:

Scalextric Caterham 7.1 secs
NSR Mosler (white) 5.6 secs
NSR Porsche 997 5.5 secs
T/slot Lola 6.0 secs
NSR Renault Clio 5.8 secs
NSR Mosler (blue) 5.05 secs
Reynard 5.2 secs
S/ways Lambo 5.5 secs
NSR Corvette 5.7 secs
Peugeot 908 6.4 secs

The racing was close, fast and furious with some really great racing throughout the evening with Sandra working furiously between races to keep score and work out the handicap system, while all had a good laugh, plenty of banter and most of all FUN!

If you've got this far, then well done because now I am going to attempt to make sense of the rapidly written results..................

First Race Series, times are the total for the 4 races.

Seb 418.63
Mike 472.14
Clive 491.73
Alan 483.79
Sandra 453.37

Second Race Series

Mike 418.32
Sandra 613.71
Clive 491.21
Seb 417.14
Alan 460.37

Third Race Series

Clive 442.12
Seb 472.91
Alan 366.01
Sandra 399.76
Mike 401.75

Now all these times were recorded by Sandra and I am sure she will be along shortly if I have made a pig's ear of this, but please don't shoot the messenger!
Anyway, from this madness, I have yet more figures for anyone who hasn't yet died of boredom

Now I think these probably refer to the final standings after everything else has been taken into consideration, but who knows........... So here goes............

Edited, they were just notes.. 😁

Like I said, I'm sure Sandra is getting ready to answer any questions and queries you may have about the results

One thing which I do know for certain is that our Seb won the bottle of wine for the fastest lap of the year with a stunning lap of 4.6 something or other set in a very stripped down NSR Mosler on our shake-down night just a couple of months ago in September and I will be very surprised indeed if that lap is ever beaten, well done Seb!!!
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Well done Mike! Nice report too ! Yes that looks all right to me except for the last column and I edited that.Yes it was a lot of fun and next year I have a surprise Christmas bash in my head.
The new calendar and new rules and regs will be up shortly, a couple of tweaks to be made.Next week will be practice and 2 weeks later we meet for the first round of Open GT.
See you all soon.
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