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I know of three clubs that have had very worrying years Burnt Oak, Bexhill and ourselves, Bexhill was the most extreme, opened and closed all in one year!!!, Burnt Oak have had to find new premises (the council no longer wants to run the community hall they use), and MHSC, (who have had the same problem with the council). Watford have managed to get rid of all their centres as have Burnt oaks council.
Fortunatley burnt Oak have found new premises, somewhere in Watford, and MHSC whos premises appears to be being taken over by another charity, it looks as though we will have to find an alternative venue for a while for them to redevelope the place, but this will be better than closing altogether.
Anyway on behalf of MHSC we would like to wish all of you a happy xmas and a settled new year to you and your clubs, and hope that you will not have to go through the problems of the three clubs mentioned.
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