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Circuit du Jacky Ickx

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I started messing around with layouts back in summer after my good dad built me a table set up in the garage.

Finally decided, a compromise on circuitry as I want scenery more, on this:

Named after the sportscar legend, Circuit du Jacky Ickx will be set in imaginary Belgium during the mid seventies.

I'm using scaley sport (
) purely because I have it. The borders will be sprayed black and the curbs be black and white instead of the red and white as standard.

Elevation will be from the topmost esses upwards, then a downhill hairpin towards the end.

I'll post progress as I make it!
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Good layout planning Gary. You will have a lot of space left for the scenery, and that is always nice. And as the rest of the lads…I am also looking forward to see more pictures as you progress.

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