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QUOTE (Maltese @ 2 Nov 2004, 22:39)Mike,

Excellent! I had not seen it and throughly enjoyed thrashing about that circuit. I remember the circuit from racing my PC-Based race simulator.



QUOTE (Mike Delanney @ 2 Nov 2004, 04:52)Hi,

I don't know if somme of them have already seen this vidéo, but it's fabulous

Simply a tour of Le Mans circuit with.... Mike Hawthorn !
Good quality of film.

Let's enjoy it !

Mike Delanney

Good evening Maltese....or Corto ?

I don't know where do you come from, but if you like vintage reports, I hope that you've got the TV channel called "AB Moteurs". Sometimes they've got good reports, I recently watched Jaguar, Maserati and 1970's car race story, very good

You can see their TV programs on

Good night, and..good race

Mike Delanney
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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