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Hi Guys,

I've been thinking, and there was some discussion around this on Saturday. With the move we will hopefully attract new members. I know a lot of us have cars we can loan but it will be pretty daunting to expect new members to pay £50 or more every few weeks for each new class, particularly if there are fathers & sons/daughters which would require buying two or more cars.

What I propose is that we adopt a regular class, perhaps NASCAR as it is practically box standard and race it every week. If we start early enough, say 7.30, we would still have time to run a second class as per our regular shedule. By starting earlier it would also be better for youngsters who have school the next morning. New members would then be able to race and develop one car and still race each week while gradually building up their stable of other classes.

What do you think?

See you tonight.


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