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I am sticking with...


What Rob mentions about "Pro-mod B" is something I've thought and talked about in the past. I always thought it might be a stepping stone into full-blown pro-mod. Or an interesting step down or even an alternative (just not next season).

Something slower would almost certainly involve pages of US-style rules and serious scrutineering. And it could turn out much more expensive than the current pro-mod.

We have Jon Cryer to thank for dialing into the Harden Creek neo magnets. They have upped the speed and taken car development into a different area to when we used the more expensive BSRT / Wizzard / Slottech polymer magnets.

The poly mags for my old 'slow' Patriot P3 were $15 a pair (Storm polys $25, Storm ceramics $20). The neos for my Storm, just under $5. Otherwise, all the other components are the same in the car. Now I know about the Wizzard TTT tyres, I would use them on a polymer car too.

Cost is an interesting one. Racers will buy 3, 4, 5 or ten new Life Like Ts to find a really good one. Likewise, I totted up what my Nascar SG+ cost including a spare rear axle and a painted, decaled JL body. It was £45 for one chassis. Quite a few runners in OW, LMP1 and Mod will have a couple of chassis for each class.

The Wizzard I won with at Marlborough was a stock Storm Extreme chassis with HC neos, SP05 armature, independent front end, Wizzard axle, gears, hubs and tyres. Totting that up comes to a smidgen over £45, about £50 with lexan, paint and decals.

The neo cars are brutes and - in my opinion - the more expensive 'esoteric' components are no better than the stock ones. Sometimes they are worse. For example, silver brushes wear straight through on a 3-ohm neo Storm, whereas stock Tyco brushes (yes Tyco) stay consistent over the 4 heats and finals.

Lower the speed and the pricey components come into their own: Big Feet brush systems are essential and a much wider range of tyre heights and gear ratios are needed for those tiny changes in downforce and handling. I have two axle set-ups for my Storm. I had six for the P3 (3 gear ratios, 2 tyre heights) and with three different tyre heights for each - potentially eighteen using the TTT hub/tyre combos.

Anyway, that's what I've found on my Wizzard voyage of discovery
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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