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Bring your own cars - club cars are available if you don't have one; (Class numbers in brackets)

1; Hornby BTCC (29)
2; 60's Era LM (4)
3; 60's Sport (12)
4; FLY Classic (20)
5; Carrera Muscle (38)
6; Group 5 (39)
7; Modern Touring (40)
8; SRGB - Scalextric Production (41)

10th, 24th July
7th, 21st August
4th, 18th, September

Club Lane Cars;

3rd, 17th, 31st July
14th, 28th August
11th, 25th, September

One club car night to be swapped for the members pick night (this quarter Jamie to choose)

Jim Moyes
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Any guidelines for the last three classes? They don't appear to be on the club website yet.

I should be along this week (Bank Holiday) and one of the two following weeks to collect my Goodwood tickets from Jamie. Is one night better supported than the other?

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It's club cars this week, Jim.

If you're coming on 'own cars night' the last three classes are:

Group 5 - Racer Sideways if they've got 10+g in the nose to stop them launching themselves at the scenery, otherwise the Fly Lancia still holds its own.

Modern Touring - SCX, Fly, Proslot or Scalextric touring cars from the past decade. The ETCC/WTCC/BTCC Alfa 156, BMW 320i, Honda Accord, SEAT Leon, SEAT Toledo, Volvo S60.

SRGB Scalextric Rally: cars current in Scalextric line-up so Fiesta and MINI WRC, Metro 6R4 or RS200 with co-drivers, MGB, Mini-Cooper, VW Beetle, Cortina, Escort Mk.I and Mk.II
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