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Classic porches

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Just to let you know that this tuesday Eastcote are running Ninco porches (the ones with the suspension), the normal way round though not much practical help for the champions league but it will give you a chance to sample the friendly atmosphere and to aclimatise yourself to the track and power.

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Sounds great, I just love classic porches....!!

Sorry, couldn't help myself..
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Mines a bit like that one, but I have just finished putting wheels on it.

Pics tomorow.
Perhaps you could protect the wood on the porches with the same stuff Zen puts on his tyres when he thinks we're not looking

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I've added an LED lighting system to ours (helps the wife find the key hole in the dark)
Abbo, Ive been told Zens porche is protected from the elements with a product called "Dragonspit". But said owner of porche will not reveal his supplier,for fear of copycat coatings
And you thought he meant Porsche
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