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I've recently returned to slot cars (Scalextric) and have picked up a used Formula 1 Scalextric Sport set and a selection of recent cars, plus pulled out my old 'classic' cars from my youth.

The new cars are glued to the track and unbelievably fast, even though the track itself is a little bumpy (it's laid out on carpet), but my old cars (15-25 years old) just seem to fall off - no matter how slow I go around the corners most of them just want to go straight on.

From reading I understand the Sport track has a much smoother surface, and the rails are flush with the track - could this be the cause of difficulty for my old cars? Can I update / refresh them to get them performing to a higher level (and is it worth it)?


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the older cars have probably got tyres like concrete so have hardened with age so offer no grip.

Sometimes just sanding them will remove the hard outer layer and reveal some decent rubber otherwise it's new boots.

If the cars are magnet then these also weaken with age. The sport track has a deeper slot but as you have noticed less grip but with a bit of tinkering the older cars will run happily on it.
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