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Rule change proposal.

Classic Slot.It, NSR, Fly, etc cars.

Rule 1 - Motor RPM

Current rule limits motors to 21,500rpm at 12 volts.

Amend this to a limit of 23,000rpm at 12 volts.

Reason for change

NSR cars are currently supplied with 21.900 RPM motors as standard.

Slot.It cars are currently supplied with 23.000 RPM motors.

Our current rule means a standard out of the box NSR or Slot.It car would not be eligible without a motor change.

To me this seems illogical and makes the cars unnecessarily costly.

Making this change would not make any cars built to the current rule ineligible and comparative testing suggests that the higher RPM motors do not give any significant performance advantage over our existing cars.

I have posted this proposal on the club notice board and suggest that we should vote on it on the first club race night of the new year.

Can we also add the Thunder Slot McLaren M6 and M1A cars to the eligible cars list?


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