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On all the cars I have of Ford and G.M. their license is on the package and the car. The Porsches and the Ferraris have no marks and thus, no obvious copyright. I agree that the liveries are another matter, but it seems some mark would be present if royalties were being paid. Some of the cars like the Scaley dallartas reflect the license in their higher prices for "real" cars (the IRL mark on the intake scoop flag). The cars with driver's or team names may also be somehow licenced, but possibly a one time or run fee is all. It seems the Porsches are up for grabs. Free advertising for the rest so perhaps no objection (tobacco or booze for instance). Copyrights must be renewed every so many years , so maybe some are simply not renewed or enforced over long periods.

Others? (maybe Lawyers?)

pondering in Livonia
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