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Hello all

Well i have read a lot on this forum about painting the track with the atempt to get it to look a bit more realistic. It´s ben a lot of fun as well as interesting to see how many of you lads have done. Most of you ? ( the ones i have seen out here) used a foam brush when painting the track pieces, i tryed another way and used a spray can. And the end result turned out better then i had expected. I managed to spray in a way that made the black a little bit visible under the gray paint. And the effect was really nice. I have only painted 4 pices of track, in order to "test" the paint and also to get some qlue of how it would turn out. Anyway... a couple of days after i had painted these track pieces i realised that i might have to clean the rails at some point. Well...let´s try hmmmm... that did not work at all, the paint started to desolve when i applied the "cleaning stuff"
. Well i then tryed to use a "masking tape" in an desperate attempt to protect the track, the result ?....did not work either. I am for the moment out of ideas and i could use a helping hand "here". If anyone of you have tryed to clean your painted track or if not, still may have som ideas of how to solve this...i would really appriciate if you could tell me how to do..


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