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cleaning old scalextric tracks - help please !

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i'm newbie here !

I've found a treasure last year ! my old scalextric tracks !
By the way they are bit rusted and tarnish ?

So how to clean them 'all !!

regards !
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I agree
Pleby's plus elbow grease = new looking track

QUOTE (Ross @ 13 Jan 2005, 17:50)I agree, i'm currently cleaning all my old track with a Pleby's kit right now. A slight problem with a few pieces of track though where i have cleaned the track but it does not work!!

I have one corner in particular where one lane conducts power and works fine but the other doesn't. Seems very weird, any ideas?

Try aluminium foil in the contacts.
I find this can help.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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