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Afternoon guys.

Been an age since I was last on here and unfortunately the Scalextric kit has ended up in boxes and I simply don't have the space for it
. So I'm looking to sell off my stack of Sport track and cars and stuff, but some of it has a bit of a tarnish on the rails. Whats the easiest way to clean these up to shiny new before selling them on?


Edit: haha, just look at my sig for an idea as to how long ago since I was last here!

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if the rails are only tarnished and not corroded then they can be cleaned to as new condition.

Easy option is to go to a stationers and get a good quality eraser,the same one used for rubbing pencil mistakes out.

Hard elbow grease version is good old autosol.

Track is best sold in bundles,straights in one pack and bends in another. that's my experience anyway.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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