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Cleaning the paint off my Little Monaco Scale Sport track

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As some of you remember, last fall my Little Monaco track got torn down for a move. While I'm not quite ready for a permenant, fully sceniced track yet, I am getting set up for a little shop racing w/a layout built on 2 or 3 movable 4' x 8' sheets of plywood. I will be able to reposition the sheets on saw horses & change the track weekly if I want. BTW, my new shop is 35' x 70', w/a 30' ceiling. : ) OK, it's a little dumpy looking & drafty at the moment, but it is big.

I'm cleaning off all of the old latex paint off the track. Most of it seems come off pretty easily by getting the edge of a razor under it & "peeling" it off. What's the best way to do the final clean up? I'm thinking windex, a green plastic scrubbie & some old towels. Anyone cleaned latex paint off Scale Sport track? Thanks.
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Just to understand how the paint was applied.... did you use a primer on the Scalextric Sport Track before putting on the latex paint? Out of curiosity, how well did the latex stand up on the plastic track?

I recall reading someone talk about the difficulty of keeping latex paint ON the plastic track so we can hope you will get similar advice about removing it. Latex is water based so I would think the scrubbie will be a good start. Maybe try some isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) to remove it... it removes felt markers quite well.

Loved the old track... what an inspiration! Looking forward to the new one.
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