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Clear coat question

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I am in the process of doing a custom Fly Lister Storm. I used Tamiya paint and put on the water slide decals last night. How long do I need to wait until its safe to spray the Tamiya clear on it? I have heard some people had problem of the decals getting ruined when they put on the clear coat.

Thanks for any help.
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Mr. Lister, it's the concept of a floor polish on a car that I too found hard to comprehend - I thought I was being wound up.

But it is true.

It is a clear polish designed to protect floors from your muddy boots, so it does a pretty good job of protecting your wagons too.

Now most cars I buy I give a coat or three to. And I only paint the stuff on with a good quality soft brush. Don't work it too hard because it is fast drying and if you aren't careful you will quickly have tacky spots that don't look so hot. Similarly, give each coat a good hour or so to dry.

I thought I read somewhere once that it yellowed white paint but I've not seen that...yet.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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