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Clear coat question

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I am in the process of doing a custom Fly Lister Storm. I used Tamiya paint and put on the water slide decals last night. How long do I need to wait until its safe to spray the Tamiya clear on it? I have heard some people had problem of the decals getting ruined when they put on the clear coat.

Thanks for any help.
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Hi Lee,

I've got to say that after I ruined a Top Slot kit one time I've not used Tamiya clearcoat on top of decals since then (I always using Johnsons Klear these days). However that could also have been due to my eagerness to get the model finished off and I've adopted a much stricter routine now:

After applying the decals I normally leave a shell somewhere warm and dry overnight (i.e. the airing cupboard!). The next day I'll give it a gentle wash all over in warm water to remove any decal adhesive from the surface. Give it another day to dry out again in the airing cupboard and then start with the clearcoat.

I've not had any problems since trying this.

Hi Astro,

I use a 1/2" brush and just wash it out in warm water - I've been using the same brush for about a dozen cars with no ill effect.

When brushing it on you have to do it quite carefully otherwise it tends to bubble - if I do get any bubbles I quickly dab at them with the edge of a tissue to soak them up. It's self levelling so you can apply it quite thickly and just soak up the drips on the edge of the shell with a bit of tissue.

I normally give 4 - 5 coats with about 45 minutes - hour inbetween to dry....

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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