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Clear coat question

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I am in the process of doing a custom Fly Lister Storm. I used Tamiya paint and put on the water slide decals last night. How long do I need to wait until its safe to spray the Tamiya clear on it? I have heard some people had problem of the decals getting ruined when they put on the clear coat.

Thanks for any help.
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I can recall who said it, but I'm sure I've heard of someone dipping the bodyshell into a container full of Johnson's Klear and letting it drip dry whilst soaking up the major drops

Maybe it's an urban legend?

I too have recently borrowed some Klear (thanks GRAH1
) and it works great on my Policar Ferrari 355 bodyshell (Coca Cola), applied with a reasonably large brush. Like most acrylic paints, Klear can be washed off with water until it starts to dry. In fact the directions on the bottle suggest applying it to your floor using a damp cloth

Whatever size of bottle it should last you ages, unless it dries out.

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