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Wellingborough Slot Car Club Annual General Meeting - 15th December 2011
2. Finances - the club made a number of significant capital investments in 2011 including 2 new slot master systems and corresponding PCs as well as the slot stox track and club facilities e.g kitchen. Overall subscription income was below that of 2010 but the national events as well as use of the club for corporate events generated an increased income. As a result club made a small operating surplus. No change in subscription rates.

3. Committee Elections
a. Chair Matt Tucker - approved
b. Finance David Farrow - approved
c. Secretary/Web Master David Collins - approved
d. Competition Secretary Mick Kerr - approved

4. Premises - AGM approved strategy that we stay in the current premises for as long as possible but supported the need to review other locations in case the premises become unavailable. The club supported the proposal to negotiate terms with the main alternmative option so we are in a position to relocate with minimal disruption if required.

5. Club Promotion

a. Portable track refurb and MK swapmeet - requested a few members turn up on 28th Dec early to get this in full working order and if necessary we can complete on 14th January. Volunteers requested for running track on 12th Feb in MK swapmeet. David Farrow, Matt Tucker, Andy Dunmore and David Collins offered their time. Steve Taylor offered use of his van to transport track if required

b. Posters - this will be made available and members were requested to distribute these in their localities to help promote the club

6. Club Spruce Up - 14th January 2012 - please come along and let David Farrow know so jobs can be allocated

7. Club Name - will remain Wellingborough Scalextric Club. Will review if and when we change premises location

8. 28th Deceber - open evening from 19.00. Invite friends/family as we will run some competitive racing but alos some informal racing on all tracks. Daivd Farrow pleaded with members to ensure the right club controllers were used on each track to ensure their longevity but also ensure the enjoyment for the users of using an appropriate contoller for the type of cars they are using

9. 2011 Awards - see seperate thread but congratulations to all winners
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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