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Club Car Nights

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There was another healthy turnout for last night's meeting with lots of fun filled races.

The standard of driving is surprizingly good for this group of casual racers, especially so considering that their pit equipment seems to consist of nothing but bottles of strong alcoholic beverage.

I came second-last, sober, and only a point clear of the wooden spoon position. This was after winning at Manor Farm on Monday!
Dave was the predictable winner. He is a classy driver, and it is his track, after all. If we don't let him win he might not invite us back!

Here are a couple of vids:
Revell small saloons


Other classes raced on the night were, Carrera Vintage NASCAR, Scalextric 4WD Ford Focus Rally, and Scalextric modern F1 (pre FF motors)

The next club car round will be on December 16th, a week earlier than usual to avoid Christmas week.
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Just sorted out the classes for Tuesday 27th.

Classic F1

BTCC pre spoilers

Hornby Lambo Diablo's

Classic Saloons

the rest we can decide on when we see if we have enough time.

hope to see as many of you as possible.
Looking forward to some good racing.
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QUOTE (malyon @ 26 Feb 2009, 19:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>have you got scalextric metros if so can we have a class of them next time seeing tho the sierras we a briliant choice of class

Yup, no problem Lee, I will dust them down ready for next time
I suppose you want them 'cause you're good at driving c**p cars?
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QUOTE (pressbutton @ 27 Feb 2009, 01:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Metros??? Aaaaaaaargh!!!!
You sado-masochists.

You might sat AAARRRGGHHH!!, but you know we will all be grinning ear to ear when we race them.
Just a reminder that the track will be open from 7.30 ish on Tuesday 24th. Looking forward to it.
QUOTE (Mr.M @ 26 Mar 2009, 09:54) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's nice of you all to let Dave win on his own track.

Perhaps we should do that occasionally on Goodwood nights too

It would be a shame if the shed "blew down" in his garden again, meaning the track had to be covered in lawn mowers and flower pots...........for 8 years

If I thought i could count on a little help then maybe the new shed would have been built quicker and the track usable sooner, but hey! you just can't get the staff these days.
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QUOTE (clarkey @ 27 Mar 2009, 12:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Did you build the shed one plank of wood at a time?

Don't be silly Clarkey, 1 screw a week. It's still more than i'm used to though!
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Can all that are okay for Tuesday 28th please confirm.
So far we will be missing Russel, Tony T and Graham.
Will Steve P be joining us?
There will be no racing on Tuesday night. Track will be closed.
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