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Club Cars - 27th July 2018

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Brain Report and Apologies

Firstly an appology for there being no race result last week i'm afraid my i phone was having a fit and would only let me take 2 pics then not download them i then wrote a full report only to find it disappeared into the ether, but it was Ralph who won last week with a flawless display not coming off once with Dave and Brian tying for 2nd/3rd. This week was the club cars with a new and very enthusiastic newcomer Fiona ( i hope i have spelled it correctly) seen on the charts as Fee. We decided to forgo the usual qualy and let the computer sort out the race order. In the "B" final was Brian, Steve and Fee, Brian and Steve were racing as though the cars were stuck together which they did for most of the race up until the last segment in which Brian was on blue which was by far the best lane and Steve was on yellow which was at least in the 1st race the slowest lane allowing Brian to pull away for the win with Steve 2nd and Fee a very creditable 3rd. In the "A" final was Dave, Sandy, Sue and Ralph, Ralph had problems from the start with a borrowed controller while the other 3 duked it out with all of them leading at one time or another. Dave started to pull out a lead which he kept to the end, Sandy was 2nd, Sue 3rd and Ralph 4th. Driver of the night has got to go to Fiona who had never seen a slot car track before and all credit she did as many laps as some with faster cars. The top 3 were Dave, Brian and Sandy.

See you all soon Sandy xx

PS Well done fee top job on your first nights racing


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