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Club Cars - 2nd November 2018

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Club Cars - 2nd November 2018

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Race report

With Alice making a welcome return to racing after a long layoff and Roger from Leicester making his first visit along with Trevor and Geof from the Burton club there were 13 of us to race the club cars ( Genesis chassis and 25k motors). In the "D" final was Alice,Rich and Roger, Rich went into the lead followed by Alice and Roger but it did not take long for Alice to get back in the groove and reel him in to take the lead by the end of the 2nd segment and that is how it finished. In the "C" final was Ian, Sue and Geof, Ian went into the lead followed by Sue and Geof and although there were a few offs and trading of paint that is how it stayed until the end. In the "B" final was Trevor, Brian and Dave, Brian went into the lead off the start followed very closely by Dave and Trevor, Brian started to slowly pull a lead out over Dave as he did to Trevor and thats how it was at the finish. In the "A" final was Sandy, Greg, Ralph and Robbie, Sandy was first out of the traps and no one could catch her followed by Greg, Ralph and Robbie and that is the order they finished in. The drivers of the night go to Sandy who not only won but set a new track record for club cars and Alice for her maiden comeback. The top three were Sandy, Brian and Greg.

See you all soon Sandy xx


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