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Picked up the topic from the thread about Kevs club development and Swiss lateral take in the thread on the need for club cars.

So are club cars necessary?
If they are should you provide them for every class or do you rely on eveyone bringing their own or a mixture of the extremes?
If so what would make good club cars? (ie cheap, robust, easy to maintian, and easy to tune for closeness of performance)

I think they are necessary to ensure anyone who turns up is able to race that night, however to offer them for every class is expensive. Thus at the start of the club have a couple of race series that revolve around the club cars and once members settle into the club you can intro new classes which they'll need to buy for. Also have a free session so newbies can join in with the club cars or even have at least one race series a night where the club cars can take part in.

In terms of what: the Scaly indy cars and the Scalextric club car offers (GT40 £12 and Porsche GT1 £10) seem like really good ways to go although a little fast with a magnet and thereofre prone to crash/breaking?


from Swissracer
QUOTE We have 16 Club cars but encourage people to bring their own. Even 3 diferent choices seems to find people wanting more.
My main problem is resisting letting others use my private cars, which I then regret as it comes to repair time. But it seems mean to say no buy your own - I need to toughen up!

Club cars enable folk to turn up and drive, no club cars encouragwes them to buy their own.


We currently have:
4 - Scalextric Porsche 956 (wild 360s) no magnet and SCW green end motors.
4 - SCX DTM cars - magnet
4 - Proslot Modenas - Evo 2 powered and light magnet
4 - Proslot Modenas - SCW green end motor powered and twin proslot mags.

This seems a good mix for driving on both Carrera and Scaley Sport and of course they are tuned to run as close as humanly possible (driver skill excluded)

For non mag racing, it is mostly the adults who are interested and they have their own for the most part.

One trick is to choose cars that are solid (nope! the SCX DTMs are not and to prove it they get repaired at least once a week )
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