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It was interesting to see that on monday 7ths racing that we all lost it, racing Cortinas at "DICKHEAD" corner.
Maybe some repairs should be done.
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Maybe we should have left them on full power and raced them like men, instead of turning the voltage down. If ever I pick them I will specify 12v.
men, women, children, dogs, they will all lose it with the Cortina there, as there is a bump which upsets the cars and the Revells are just right to make the worst of it.

from memory they will make it in the other direction, so maybe it's time to swap round and run our cars backwards and club cars in the 'normal' direction.
Pete's cortina worked really well with the NINCO sprung guide. I could do with a few of them.

The good news is that "Dickhead Corner" has been repaired.
Even better news is that Tony still can't drive Revell Cortinas!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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