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Club Closure, thanks to M B Hotels ltd

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The decent, honest and honourable men who own M B Hotels Ltd. have finally managed to force us to vacate our club premises, despite the agreement the club had with them until July, 2012.

Our website has been changed to reflect this fact, and do check it out as the whole sorry story will be published in the weeks ahead.

However we are determined to continue and are actively looking for premises in the area. Friends of mine very kindly agreed to store everything for us in their dry basement (but surprisingly declined to let us set up the club track there).

If anyone in the East Sussex area hears of suitable premises at an affordable rent (a minimum space of 25 x 25 feet, dry and warm), then please send me a PM.

The club will revert to its original name of the Bexhill Scale Slot Car Club (I can't quite stomach the idea of any reference to the High Beech Hotel with its cockroaches), and we'll let you know what the situation is as things develop.

Many thanks for the messages of support we have received.

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QUOTE (Yazoo @ 5 Jan 2012, 18:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Martin, Hope you find another premises very soon. Reason i haven't been in touch re your track is because of similar reasons to your clubs demise ! I'm sure you will find something. Mike

I am sorry to hear that. Why is it that landlords treat their tenants so badly? I hope you can resolve your problems, Mike, and that your club flourishes. One club folding is enough.

We intend to return but, with all the empty rooms and commercial property which is empty around here, landlords are still asking for sky-high rents. Councils demand ridiculously high rates and so property stands empty.

I suspect that I would prefer some income as a landlord rather than nothing at all.

We have finally called it a day with the club. The track, PSUs and hopefully the race control system have been sold. New premises were impossible to find at an affordable rent and my decision to relocate to Cyprus in October were significant factors.

All involved in the club, and most who were involved in the Bexhill Scale Slot Car Club, enjoyed the roller coaster ride of starting and running a club.

It was fun but it is time to move on.

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