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Club night 13th June 2012

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Calling all club members!

This is our first proper club night and I thought I would set out what I propose to run as races.

The idea is to test some formats so we can decide what we like and what we don't so we can settle into a pattern over the next few months.

So - as a starter for ten I am proposing we run:

Digital SSD

Practice - Grand Prix style (fixed number of laps) GT race. Your own cars. Scalextric Super Resistant GTs with sidewinder. Standard motor and guide. Free choice of braids and tyres. We will run enough races so everybody gets to race the same number of times and marshall the same number of times. As I understand it everybody who has expressed an interest owns one of these cars. PM me if you don't and want to either borrow one or buy one cheap.

Practice - Endurance style (most laps in a fixed time) NASCAR race. Richard's cars - in line motor no magnets. We will run enough races so everybody gets to race the same number of times and marshall the same number of times.

Digital SSD/Analogue depending on the car

Richard is running this so is banned from participating. Every so often he will bring a random car and everybody gets 5 laps in which to set their fastest time. Between now and our Christmas Bash and Prize Giving we will run loads of different cars on different tracks. This is a CUMULATIVE TIME competition meaning the lowest total at the end of the year WINS. If you miss a session and we can't offer you the same car on the same track within a couple of weeks you will get assigned the time of the fastest lap X2 (everybody posting a time slower than 2x fastest lap will have 2x fastest lap recorded as their time so nobody gets punished for having a mare!!) We haven't decided on a prize yet - we will have to see how well off the club is - it will probably be a slot car. Richard Promises to bring some sensible cars but also some COMPLETELY BONKERS cars to add to the interest and challenge.

I would also like to maintain a table of results for the GT racing and NASCAR racing - we can discuss how we want it to work on Wednesday.

There has been a delay to the CNC Router so the Amman Valley Raceway is our only track at the moment. Having said that I think we can rustle up some Scalextric Classic Track between us so temporary rally tracks are also on the cards when volunteers step forward (HINT HINT).
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Rich, how's it looking for this week?

I've already been tapped up by the Gorseinon Gear Graunchers to see if I'm up for travelling into Dyfed/Powys territory.

So far, myself, Dai and the Badger are aiming to set off from Porthcawl around 6:15 (hoping to miss the Tai Bach snarl up)..Not had replies from the Boy Pike or Gladys yet, so will let you know as soon as I know.

Will bring all the cars down from here - see you Weds.
Nick is confirmed.

Not sure about Paul yet - he's checking his diary, and will chase Lee (he's actually work, and lives just by the park near you) and LDC from the car club.

Boy, have I got a car for the challenge!

Keep you posted about the others this evening.
Sorry I missed last night, Nick was coming along and bringing a mate too.

Got stuck on the M25 and M4 coming back from Reigate. Got a nice bit of colour though, had the roof down all the way!
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