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It has become apparent that numbers see to be low each week apart from ford gt week and especially open ninco week.

Only five of us came this week. A few ideas were initially discussed to try to get numbers each week and this will give better more competitive racing.

First off the idea of bringing back the raffle. 1 at the end of each month. Everyone gets one ticket each week, names written in book so as lost tickets will not matter. Previously we upped fees to £6 to cover this. Extra tickets can also be purchased. raffle cars to be bought by the club as we can get a discount. Winner gets choice of car so that he gets a car that he can race.

Racing format from 1st September

10 week championships with the best 8 scores counting towards final championship positions. This will be a total of 4 classes (two per week). So each 20 weeks a mazimum of 1-2 classes can be dropped in favour of new classes although this must be decided 1 month prior to championships finishing to allow all to buy the correct cars.

A schedule will be uploaded on here and also printed and given to any members who do not have access of each class/date for the 20 week period.

Any night which gets cancelled will count. i'e championship will then be best 7 scores of 9 weeks

So if you do not like a class, you do not have to race it for long, im sure we will all get classes we like and don't like.

The idea of medals/trophies for top 3 for each was class was also mentioned, possibly prize for the winner only, either £30 contribution towards a new car or a new car for the next new class that will be raced.

Points vs laps

We tried on friday using points per race rather than points for overall position. We used:

1st 10pts
2nd 8pts
3rd 6pts
4th 4pts
5th 2pts
6th 1pts

1 bonus point for fastest start
1 bonus point for leading a race lap

You could always use points 6 pts down to 1 pts.

In the event of a pts tie, as we race for fun will be a race off between the two drivers on the last racing night. lanes green and blue will be used, toss of a coin to decide who gets which lane. Winner takes all!

This formathas the advantage that if your car breaks down in a race you only loose those points for that race and can come back and win other races. Your night is not over.

So instead of thining your out of it, you always have a chance and you race to the line instead of racing conservatively.

The only bad point is cars not counting, although we can adjust to the correct position and bonus points it can be a lot of work if cars keep missing. I would suggest not using with gt cars or porsche nsr, would be grate with slightly slower cars, ford gt/slot it class c.

Please add all views on here and Hopefully we can continue great racing with lots of racers each week.

All comments welcome.

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Totally agree with most of what you say Gary, The only thing I'm not particularly in favour of is the points method of racing but I can see the advantage of your night not being over after a breakdown etc. What I would say is start off simple by awarding points for position and nothing else.
The most important thing is to get a bit of enthusiasm back in the racing which has been lacking for far too long because if we carry on as we are the club can't survive on 5/6 people every week.

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sorry i havent been along for a while racing etc

but when you put up what we are racing on thursday or change the racing callender of formulas i dont get time to sort bits out so i dont come
need better comunication of whats happening and what we racing so everyone knows if you miss a week you can pick up the next
set month to month

sorry guys dont know what we are racing this friday/today

so i wont be there


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done that in the past only to find out the classes changed on the Thursday
i thought it had been agrees that it would be put up on the forum the .
monday before so everyone knew esp if you missed the prev week
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