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Hi there

I've been away from the slotracing world for about 2.5 years and i've noticed that there have been more changes then I first anticipated.
So now I'm looking for any tips and tricks to get my cars up to speed again and hopefully make them one of the fastest cars around.
The standard tips that I got there where, use Slot it P6 tyres and let the engine and gearing run in before u use it.
We race on quite a bumpy Ninco 4 lane track of about 30 metres and I'm looking to get more out of the car by changing the parts on them.

I've got 2 links so you can see the track ( both are in Dutch but the pictures aren't

I mostly race Slot it cars, an old Ninco Merc CLK DTM with an Ninco NC5 motor, an HRS chassis Mercedes CLK GTR AMG of scalextric and a Fly porsche 917 K.

1 Which guide would u suggest would work the best on a track like this?

2 Which tyres work the best on a track like this (we can't use any lubrication on the tyres and foam tyres are also forbidden)

3 Which is the best place to put a magnet? Our cars have a maximum of 70 grams( mercedes dtm ) and 50 grams ( Slot It Mclaren).
They are now placed between the engine and the rear axle or just in front of the engine.

4 Is there a difference between Plastic sanded wheels and alloy wheels in terms of peformance? And do air pockets really work and if so, would they work on plastic Wheels?

Any other suggestions on other parts of the car are very welcome.

Thanks in advance

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I saw on the slot it website that the p4 and p5's were designed for the ninco track surface but they are about half a second a lap slower on a 12 second lap!
Do any other people know more about the questions i've asked about the parts? instead of the Track? I know that questions about the track are a lot harder to answer and I'll just have to figure it out as i go along. But information about the parts could get me a long way.


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