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Writing a set of club rules is always difficult, most clubs run a selection of classes that each provide their own problems.
There are really two ways to go keep the classes relatively standard just allowing minor changes such as change of front and rear tyres. The other way to go is to allow wholesale changes such as a selection of different motors, free choice of gear ratios, spring kits, different size wheels etc.

Lets look at the pros and cons of both routes.

Keeping it standard: This is good for new members who have less set up knowledge and keeps the cost down as most parts are as supplied with the original car.
On the downside standard cars allow more room for bending the rules. Most clubs have one or two members who push their set up beyond the limit of the rules. These guys are usually experienced racers who know how to fiddle motors, changing the armature, getting the weight down by fitting hollow axles, change of pinions and many other little tweaks, if they are good at it they will beat the scrutineers.
Another point is some people will throw money at it and buy many motors to find a good one.

Open rules:
The plus side of this is if you are allowed to make wholesale changes its very difficult to cheat because everyone can make the changes.
The cars tend to run better and are faster because of all the time up bits.
On the other side of the coin this really favours those that are expert at set up and those with time on their hands.

People will argue for both and most clubs will go for a mixture of the two approachs.
What do we all think ?
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