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Club Truck Racing?

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Are there any clubs that run 1/32 digital truck races here in the uk?? Please advise guys, thanks
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Are there any digital trucks?
The only "trucks" I know of are Fly trucks, and I think SCX made some racing trucks. Neither are digital, and would need chipping.
The Fly trucks, as most Fly cars, are crappy running cars, which need a lot of work to run well, IMHO.
I don't know anything about the SCX trucks.

I guess I have two questions:
1) have you found a digital track club of any kind to race with? There are a few, but don't know if you're near any of them.
2) what kind of trucks do you mean? I feel like I might be totally off base.
Oh, they're not UNdrivable... I can get mine around my tiny track with 3 R1 sections just fine. It did take a little weight here and there, and a whole lot of careful driving due to the almost complete lack of brakes. I'm just saying... you need to really be into truck racing to want to do it with these cars.

Anyone know anything about the SCX trucks?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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