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Club Truck Racing?

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Are there any clubs that run 1/32 digital truck races here in the uk?? Please advise guys, thanks
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It is something that can be done very easily

I have 3 Fly Trucks but not chipped at the moment and some of the other guys at The FALCON Raceway also have trucks that sometimes get raced at GTRaceway

This is our Facebook Page and This is our Club Section on Slot Forum

When our NEW GT Circuit is finished it will be something that is up for discussion with a view to racing them


ps in regards to setting up Greg all you need to do is raise the front axle height by either dremmeling out to fit bearings or sleeve the axle so it stays in place
this will really improve the stability of them - but as they are so tall they need to be driven accordingly
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The trouble with weight is that as it gets heavier it also takes longer to stop and the fly motor has rubbish brakes as it is

I would say better to set the front up correctly and brake a little sooner and let the truck roll into the corner
what did you want to know as he can be slow on computers sometimes lol
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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