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Clubs not drawing attention to themselves!

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Thursday lunchtime I was talking to my Boss about TVRs (he is fanatical about them and more specifically his own) and mentioned (deadpanning) "Oh yeah, I've started competing in a Speed 12.. (pause).. in Scalextric!". Turns out that unbeknown to me said Boss had discovered Fly cars in the last couple of years and returned to slot-car racing with his lads on his lounge floor. A bit of discussion about cars, shops and clubs followed and he told me of a club that he was invited to go to... in my old home town where I lived for 23 years unaware that there was a Scalextric club!!!!!

Friday night I went over to the club in Great Barr (Walsall/Brum sort of area) and got chatting to another chap who turned out to be a racer in a club.... three miles from my old home town where I attended sixth form college without knowing there was a Scalextric club!!!!!!

So.... why are clubs so anonymous? Is this a trend observed elsewhere in the country? I'm wondering now if slotcar racing could potentially be much, much larger than I originally thought.

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It does seem a shame but then again they may feel comfortable with the level of their membership. I live in Northern California and have not found a club that races 1/32 anywhere in my area. So I feel the pain when reading about the club exploits of others.

So club members might consider the person unbeknownst to them may be the catalyst for a stronger club in the future.
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