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Clubs not drawing attention to themselves!

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Thursday lunchtime I was talking to my Boss about TVRs (he is fanatical about them and more specifically his own) and mentioned (deadpanning) "Oh yeah, I've started competing in a Speed 12.. (pause).. in Scalextric!". Turns out that unbeknown to me said Boss had discovered Fly cars in the last couple of years and returned to slot-car racing with his lads on his lounge floor. A bit of discussion about cars, shops and clubs followed and he told me of a club that he was invited to go to... in my old home town where I lived for 23 years unaware that there was a Scalextric club!!!!!

Friday night I went over to the club in Great Barr (Walsall/Brum sort of area) and got chatting to another chap who turned out to be a racer in a club.... three miles from my old home town where I attended sixth form college without knowing there was a Scalextric club!!!!!!

So.... why are clubs so anonymous? Is this a trend observed elsewhere in the country? I'm wondering now if slotcar racing could potentially be much, much larger than I originally thought.

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I think this situation is very common.
The only way I found a club in my area was by leaving messages all over the internet. Eventually, one that I left on Pendle's old message board was answered. The chap apologized for being a few months late - not realizing that he was actually responding a YEAR and some months after my original posting! I, of course, was delighted to have the invitation at any time, not having really expected a response at all. This club has been operational for around ten years or more but had never gone out of its way to advertise its presence anywhere and it does not have a web site.

So, please don't hesitate to post your interest on suitable message boards - the chances are that you will get a response eventually. Chatting in forums, can often lead to new contacts and become the start of new clubs. if you can't find an existing club, maybe you can attract enough interest to actually start one. The trick is to keep talking and posting until you 'meet' someone with a similar interest.

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the inernet is driving slot car racing and has been for a few years now. It's the best thing that ever happened to our hobby!
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