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Cobra Daytona

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Did the Cobra Daytona have been painted in any other colors than blue ?
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Ford-France ran a Cobra Daytona for Joe Schlesser in white with a thin blue stripe outlined with red.
Alan Mann ran one in dark red with white stripes.
Filipinetti ran a red one with white stripe.
The British-built version also ran in green at least at Goodwood.

But all these cars ended being returned to blue. Replicas were built of the Ford-France car and others, so it is now difficult to tell which is what...
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Theonly picture I had was a copy of a cover of Motor Sport mag from mid 1965 showing the entries in the paddock of the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood...
But I am sure that it is possible to find more.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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