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Here's some shots of the Cobra after a first coat of primer, 400 grit wet sand, and buffing with cork.

Plastic bag Packing materials Automotive design Font Personal protective equipment

Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood Car Font

Font Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Fashion accessory

Wood Handwriting Grey Sculpture Font

I think the vertical print orientation is the way to go. The only real topographic stair-stepping is on the rear of the trunk - an area more easily cleaned up.

By the way, the wheelbase on the cobra is almost exactly 1.7 inches. And I should be able to make one with interior clips to fit the new Mega G+ chassis. But I'd switch wheels up for a larger diameter, or it's going to look rather funny with those little G+ donuts.

What do you think? Any interest in a Mega G+ version?
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