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The new chassis options are pretty much ready to go. I received a few of them for testing and so far, so good. The Cobra body is sitting on top of the new variant with a snap-in axle.


On all, the axle holes have been shrunk down to serve as pilot holes for drilling to your own spec. So for the snap in, I drilled the holes out clean first, then opened up the narrow pie-like slice just a hair. And the axle snapped in beautifully and so far is holding firm with no slop. I'm not yet sure how well it will hold up over time. I'm running the chassis dry (no oil yet) and the car is still peppy and smooth, but I might try using graphite powder rubbed into the axle journals.

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There's a number of different front ends to see what braid system works best. The one I'm testing now is showing great promise. It keeps the braids flatter, and on the rails.

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A couple of the guide pin/blade experiments didn't work as I'd hoped. The blade shape did reduce the tendency to spin out, but sometimes bound up in the slot when the rear end was hung out too far. They'll be replaced in the released chassis.
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And some will be happy to know there is now an screw plate that holds a snap-in AFX style blade or pin.

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And there's the original prototype design which some liked for it's front end with clip-in pin. It too has been updated with the original engine-forward dimension, easier access to the engine screws, flat surfaces for mounting optional weights or magnets.

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Planning to have the 3 variants ready for public release by the weekend.
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