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New toys are in. I have a few little tweaks to make to the Cobra body. And I have to do some building this weekend to road-test some of the new chassis variants. The body almost looks stretched compared to the others. But I triple checked it's dimensions and proportions to the original and length to width and wheelbase is dead on. Here's a few pics:

View attachment 3487

Here's the Cobra compared to the Dash and the Johnny Lightning T-Jet:
View attachment 3488


The underside shows all the bits it comes with (for now) Windscreen frame (needs to be thickened), roll bars, custom front end braid/axle holder, and built-in clips and screw posts:


I tested this batch printing it on end to reduce the stair-stepping. But the jury is still out until I get time to sand and paint it as to which way to go on the final release version.

Here's two of the chassis: the top one has a wider back end for standard gears (no trimming the gear's shoulder). And ... shhhhh....don't tell Bill, but one variant is set up for a snap-in axle (you still need to drill the holes to your preferred diamter). Both variants come with four different front ends for testing, and four guide pin/blades. With options for snap in AFX/Tyco guide pins.

View attachment 3491

More details to come once I get building.
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