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Collection of 1/32nd Ferraris

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I have been extremely fortunate in having been generously given a collection of 1/32nd scale Ferrari slot cars.

There are 47 cars in the collection and each one has been sprayed with the same Ferrari red paint and silver painted headlight covers. Even the drivers have been identically painted! Some are Scalextric or other production cars; some are 'kit-bashed' and some are scratchbuilt.

Some pictures of the entire collection, more-or-less grouped by type:-

I need help to indentify some of them, please!

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Fascinating collection Russell, and a nice gift. "One track mind" comes to mind...

Let's see if I can answer some of your questions:

- the vac-form 350 is probably a Lancer

- #7-1: late model Riko chassis and motor, not sure about body, maybe Airfix or Palmer?
7-2: Eldon Ferrari (common model, in Selectronic and regular versions
7-3 - Strombecker chassis, looks like a resin body - Strombecker did do coupé and spyder versions of the Dino, but if this is one, it's been reworked.

8-4: Riko ditto
8-5 - Strombecker chassis, unsure of body
8-6 - Policar

9-7 - Airfix/MRRC
9-8 - MRRC chassis/motor, maybe a Super Shells body?
9-9 - Policar again (maybe Polistil, don't have ref docs with me and their ranges are a bit confused, or maybe it's me...)

10 - P5 Policar (there were also some Spanish versions of these Policar cars...)
11 - Stabo I think, or other German brand, with Buhler motor of course
12 - Revell home set chassis, with possibly Revell or Highway Pioneers body (unless it's resin).

Hope that helps.
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PS: here's my Lancer Ferrari 350 P4, only photo I had in stock, but maybe it will help for identification

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Bien sûr! How could I have missed that body with the half-driver???

The above 36 is merely a modified Strombecker plastic chassis, but with motor turned upside down and body mounts added...

Here's the VIP one in blue Russell - sharp eye, whoever spotted this!


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Very kind of you to point that out Russell - think I'll go off in a corner and eat me porridge...


PS: for what it's worth I used to have a VIP Ferrari...

PPS: you'll notice that I'm not abusing my position as Mod by just erasing this whole thing - figure everybody needs a good laugh now and then, and the blue looks very chic in the middle of all that red...
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